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1Application form must be completed in all respects.
2The applicant is required to read through to throughly and conditions,policies and procedures,code of ethics and opportunities of GREET as given from the website named"".This application/agreement form is considered as and authentic and legaly binding document.
3The member will be eligible for incentive or income only as per volume of member done by him that is also subject to the eligibility norms to the member on only his/her joining the GREET.
4The trust will approve the membership by issuing of official receipt and online registration,which will carry the password and an identification number know as"MEM generated by trust".This password and member ID used for all his/her transaction and correspondence with the trust.The member ID once generate can not be altered a point of time.
5The trust will,in no case,entertain any communication without member ID.
6The trust reserves all rights to terminate a member.
7The member shall not compel or induce or mislead any person with any false statement/promise to join in the trust as a member.
8Any prospective member should have a good normal character and must not have any past or present criminal background.
9Please provide all necessary documentry proof in support of information provided.
10A member is required to assist his/her sponsored or team member.
11Please read all terms and conditions before applying for membership in GREET.
12In case of any correspondence with trust the member must always quote with his member ID.
13A member shall be diligent and truthful in his interaction with other members of the trust.
14Trust does not guarantee any definite income to pay any member.All benifits of the member shall salty depend upon his/her group formation.
15Member will not have any right/authority to incur any debt/liability/obligation for and on behalf of trust.
16Member ID is not transferable and trust is not bound to give any type of money back to anybody.
17In case any dispute between member and trust decision taken by trust shall be treated as final.
18Once ID is cancelled,the member is not allowed to use yhe LOGO or symbols pin and as awarded by trust.
19Upon death of member ,ID shall stands transferred to nominee mentioned in member application form who will be entitled to receive to all benefits.The benefits will be done on death certificate and other necessary paper being submitted to trust along with an application by the nominee.
20Trust is liable for your accidental death claim after 180 days of your paid joining date.
21The application in the capacity of ............................ is hereby declared that the information stated above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
22If the applicant agreed to ad here into and abide by the condition mentioned here under and in website named "".He/She shall become on the prescribed membership fee to the trust by way of crassed demond draft or cheque or RTGS/NEFT.
23Dated: 22 September 2020


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